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About Us

We take a small-team approach to each project, allowing us to create solutions with proactive client service, lower costs, and shorter timeframes than traditional design firms.

Our core commitments

Our core focus, love, and commitment is helping small businesses reach their fullest potential. We take on your challenges and goals as it were our own, and we know the importance of your budget and bottom-line. We believe it’s our commitment and track record that have resulted in our longtime partners, repeat clients, and award-winning solutions.

What you can expect from us

  • A team drawn from analytical, creative, and technical backgrounds.
  • Expert project management focused on quality, budget, and timeliness.
  • A collaborative process with clear deliverables at key project steps.
  • Best-practices approach to design and technology development.
  • A commitment to honesty, respect, and personal client service.

Companies we've worked for


See what we've done for others.

JHK Law Portfolio Image
WebJHK Law
Pacific Testing Laboratories Portfolio Image
WebPacific Testing Laboratories
Biola University Portfolio Image
WebBiola University
Yvonne Lam Portfolio Image
WebYvonne Lam
USPAACC Portfolio Image
VHA Portfolio Image
Web + LogoVHA
OenoBeauty Portfolio Image
Web + eCommerceOenoBeauty
Velvet Cupcakes Portfolio Image
WebVelvet Cupcakes
SweetSnow Portfolio Image
Website + LogoSweetSnow
CelebrAsian Procurement Conference Portfolio Image
WebCelebrAsian Conference
Eat Art Portfolio Image
Web + Logo + eCommerceEatArt
EFTB Natural Soda Water Portfolio Image
WebsiteEFTB Natural
Soda Water
LHDK&W Portfolio Image
CarbonLITE Portfolio Image
Talbot School of Theology Portfolio Image
WebsiteTalbot School
of Theology
Grace Lee Designs Portfolio Image
Web + eCommerceGrace Lee
Fabwrap Portfolio Image
Lee’s Review Portfolio Image
WebsiteLee’s Review
The American Remedies Portfolio Image
Web + Logo + eCommerceThe American Remedies
MexiCali Taco & Co. Portfolio Image
WebMexiCali Taco & Co.
Young Nak Celebration Church Portfolio Image
San Geronimo Golf Course Portfolio Image
WebSan Geronimo Golf Course
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Our core capabilities and services.

Web Design

All our websites include the following.

Professional Website Design

We create attractive, professional designs that align with your branding and business goals.

Standards-Compliant (HTML5/CSS3)

We build your website with the best-practices approach, which means your web pages will load faster, rank higher in search engines, look consistent across various computers and browsers, and much more.

Content Management System

Easily and efficiently update your website without special skills or software. No more headaches or costs in retaining a webmaster anymore.

Search Engine Optimized

We optimize your website's coding so that your prospective customers have the best chance of finding your business.

Web Tracking

See who's coming to your website, how they're finding you, what pages they're viewing, and other important data to market your business more effectively.


We train you and your staff so you can manage your website content through the content management system we integrate for you.

Fixed Cost

Once we provide you a cost quote, you can rest assured that we'll never go over budget. We deliver on what we promise, when we promise, at the price we promise.

Logo + Identity Design

We craft your brand identity so that it’s immediately recognizable, memorable, and differentiating.

What makes a good brand identity?

The best identities have both business acumen and aesthetic value. They are memorable, authentic, meaningful, differentiated, sustainable, and flexible. They translate the essence of a business and help persuade people's choices.

Brand identity process

Creating successful brand identities require investigation, strategic thinking, and design excellence. Eclectiv uses an iterative process that integrates meaning with form by combining strategic imagination, intuition, and aesthetics. We work rigorously to reduce a complex idea to its visual essence.

User Interface Design

Improve transaction design to increase conversions.

Strong user-interfaces successfully address factors such as usefulness, findability, and accessibility to create a valuable online experience. User-interfaces that are easy-to-use enhance brand experiences and your bottom-line by allowing users to successfully accomplish what they want to do.

User-interface design process

We solve complex interface challenges through an iterative design approach that entails conceptualizing, protoyping and testing.


Over 90% of online users use search engines like Google. We help you connect with those who are looking for what your business offers.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) maximizes your website's exposure by making your website appear more frequently and prominently in search engine results. The earlier your website is presented in search results (or the higher it ranks), the more prospective customers will visit your website.

What's involved in SEO?

Search engine optimization involves three factors: web page coding, content, and popularity.

1. Searchable code and structure

Making a website searchable starts with making sure the structure and code of web pages are created to allow search engine “spiders” to explore all levels of a website. Eclectiv ensures your website's code and architecture is fully accessible for search engines — and your users.

2. Targeted and relevant content

Well-written content with targeted keywords is crucial for your website to be found. Back in the day, search optimization meant loading your page with keywords. The more times a word appeared on a page, the higher it would rank in search results for that word.

Today, search engines have devised complex algorithms that prevent this abused approach. However, keywords are still an important aspect of search optimization. Eclectiv helps identify relevant keywords and recommends on options for improving your website's exposure through ethical use, frequency, and placement of keywords.

3. Page popularity

“Popularity” is determined by the quality of external links that point to your website. Links from other websites to your site help increase search result positioning. Eclectiv’s optimization service includes a link analysis and strategy that focuses on increasing your website's popularity.


Great content strikes a balance between your marketing goals and your users’ needs.

Who are you talking to?

Content writers focus on writing specifically to your audience. They anticipate your audience's questions and answer them. And they do it in a tone that is most appropriate and effective to your audience. Eclectiv has extensive experience in writing and editing copy for a diversity of business communications, industries, and challenges.

Dear Google…

In addition to people, search engines like Google visit and view your website content. They rank your web pages using complex algorithms that evaluate how relevant a web page is to particular keywords or phrases. Search engines like content that is clear and relevant, with keywords in prominent places that are pertinent to the page.

Writing for the web

Unlike how people read printed materials, web users skim and scan. Eclectiv web content is structured to help people quickly find, understand, and act upon your information.

Our Process

We work together with you from start to finish.

  • Eclectiv paid attention to every detail of our business and brand—and it showed in their work. We love what they've done for us!

    Jennifer Kim
    San Geronimo Golf Course
  • Eclectiv transformed our rough concept into a beautiful website on time and under budget. They're professional, quick, and fun to work together with. Highly recommended!

    Ken Tsai


No Interest Payment Plans

We know that small businesses and start ups need the most when they have the least.

That’s why we offer flexible payment plans that can be scheduled over a year without interest. Contact us to learn more about our payment plans and get a quote for your project.

Contact Us

Why work with us

You have a lot of choices. Too many, probably. So why work with us?

1. Our track record of delivering financial results.

For over a decade, we've built a strong track record of delivering measurable results for small businesses and large, including Apple, Sony, Capital One, and Armani Exchange. We can grow and improve your business, too.

2. We give you a fixed cost for your website.

We provide a fixed cost for your project. We put to writing what we'll deliver and when we'll deliver it. You'll never have to worry your project going beyond budget.

3. Small team. Big solutions.

Our small-team approach enables us to create solutions with greater focus, shorter timeframes, and more competitive prices than traditional design firms. You get better results, proactive client service, and avoid the usual layers and added costs.

4. You benefit from the best technologies.

All our work is based on the best-practices approach to web design and development. We leverage the latest technologies to provide you the most effective and efficient ways to build and broaden your business.

5. Senior-level professionals.

Eclectiv is comprised exclusively of senior-level professionals drawn from analytical, creative, and technical backgrounds. This means your project is always managed and produced by experienced members, not junior-level designers or interns.

6. You're an active participant in the process.

Our design approach revolves around collaboration and interaction with you. You know your business best, so we engage your feedback and ideas throughout the process. We work together.

7. We make ourselves accountable.

Every design firm promises to develop websites that are focused on achieving your goals. We go one step further. We translate your goals into clear, measurable objectives, and we track how well it achieves them.

8. We're always accessible.

We're always available to you. Email us, call us at the office, or give us a ring on our mobile phones. Yes, we give you our cell numbers. We pride ourselves on providing you personal and responsive client service.

9. We're easy to work with.

Clients have told us that we’re really easy to work; that we feel more like a partner than a vendor. We're confident you'll also find working with us to be rewarding and, dare we say, enjoyable.

10. We're 100% reliable.

We deliver what we promise, when we promise. We show up on time, too. Having open and honest relationships with our clients is the best — and only — way we work.

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